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what you can expect

Because we love working with small businesses, and really want to make your business grow & thrive, 

we do so with minimal work on your end. We have all of your marketing and design needs covered!


Here are some helpful points:


  • The first thing we do is meet with you to learn more information about your company or entity. We want to know your story, and what your long-term/short-term goals are. We want to know about your team and how you currently handle your marketing. We want to know which problems need solutions. Most importantly, we want to know what makes your company unique. 

  • We then go to the drawing board, discuss what we can do for your success and create a strategy, a game plan. We may come up with some clever marketing solutions, too. We then present you with a plan & proposal and get started. A lot of amazing things can happen for you in just a few short months!

  • We like to work with our clients for a minimum of 4 months, to complete everything in our blueprint, although depending on your needs and our approach, it may be longer, or shorter. Our packages start at $200./month.

  • Many clients hire/retain us to professionally manage and maintain your social media accounts on their behalf, after the initial contractual period is complete. This service is optional. We do recommend it though, as it is especially helpful to keep consistent momentum going for your business, and this task is often very time consuming.

  • Your blueprint is created specifically for your company's needs, no two businesses have the same demands. Just know that whatever the solution is for you, we will be proud to work diligently on your behalf to make you shine and reach your goals.

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